New Products for the Enterprise

Frontline e.M2 Management Services

Manage.Com’s version 2 of its Frontline e.M software, a management services platform, monitors and manages transactions across an e-business environment of suppliers, customers, partners and employees. Frontline e.M2 offers a service collaboration feature that allows multiple e.M servers to intercommunicate in a peer-to-peer or a hierarchical relationship. Frontline e.M2 also enables load balancing across servers. For more information, visit


MediaFORM’s CD-3703 ECLIPSE series of network-enabled CD-R duplication and printing production systems uses either inkjet or thermal printing and a 3 CD-R drive capacity, populated with MediaFORM’s SmartDRIVE 2, a 12x/8x professional CD-R duplication drive. The CD-3703 ECLIPSE series also includes a CD thoughput range of 19 (650 MB) to 59 (10 MB) per hour, the ability to copy all current audio and data CD formats, the ability to store and duplicate multiple images from a local hard disk drive, job scheduling and a Microsoft Windows NT workstation. For more information, visit their Web site at

CandleNet Roma

Candle Corporation’s CandleNet Roma eBusiness Platform allows the rapid deployment of new e-business applications by enabling companies to gather information held by isolated applications, link disparate applications to create e-business process "flows" and manage and monitor these flows end-to-end. Roma Workflow Access provides an automated and managed exchange of messages between enterprise applications and workflow procedures. Roma Workflow Access is available for a starting price of $15,000. For more information, visit


Amdahl Corp.’s new Internet venture,, is designed to provide hosted customer service and support, with a Web-based self-service solution as the centerpiece of its offerings. offers a full range of support options, including graphically rich Web-based self-service, e-query, advanced chat and phone support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. also helps clients determine which options are most appropriate for their individual needs. For more information, visit

Sealevel’s PC-COMM+232

Sealevel Systems’ PC-COMM+232, a two-port PCMCIA serial I/0 card, provides two asynchronous serial ports for connecting to modems, terminals, printers and other data collection devices. The PC-COMM+232 uses the 16850 UART with a 128 byte buffer to allow high-speed data communications without data overruns. It supports Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000, Linux and other operating systems that provide PCMCIA support. The card comes with a software suite, and is priced at $299. For more information, call Dave Pratt (864) 843-4343, or via e-mail at

InstallManager 1.5 Now Available

Wise Solutions Inc.’s InstallManager 1.5 allows system administrators to implement and deploy software installations to end users’ desktops with less downtime, and lower post-rollout support costs. InstallManager 1.5 combines enhanced software-repackaging technology with proactive software conflict detection and elimination before deployment. New to version 1.5 are ConflictManager, WiseUpdate, WebDeploy, customized script actions and a check for Windows 2000 configuration. For more information, visit

Undelete 2.0 for Windows

Executive Software’s Undelete 2.0 for Windows NT/2000 offers up-to-the-minute data protection for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. The Recovery Bin can capture all deleted files from any program on any drive across the network, including files that typically bypass the Windows NT and 2000 Recycle Bin. A full-featured 30-day trialware version of Undelete 2.0 for Windows 2000 is available from Executive Software’s Web site. For more information, visit

Compuware’s EcoSYSTEMS

Compuware’s EcoSYSTEMS performance management product suite is designed to manage e-business software through the application life cycle. The suite includes: EcoTOOLS 7.2, EcoSCOPE 4.2 and EcoPREDICTOR 3.1. EcoSCOPE provides a network view of application performance by focusing on Web traffic. Compuware has also added a Web-based reporting console for EcoSYSTEMS that provides access to historical data from multiple EcoSYSTEMS products. The EcoSYSTEMS suite is available for a starting price of $19,500. For more information, visit

NET+IScan Solution

NETsilicon Inc.’s NET+IScan is an embedded solution that makes the capabilities of multi-function products (MFPs) and digital copiers network accessible. Using NET+IScan, MFP and digital copier manufacturers can enable their products to scan, print, copy, e-mail, store and retrieve documents from anywhere on the network and the Internet. NET+ISCan also enables scan-to-file and scan-to-email. Scan-to-fax capability is in development and will be included in the next release of NET+IScan. For more information, visit

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