Bluestone Announces New J2EE Application Server

Fredrik Johnsen

Bluestone® Software, Inc. (Philadelphia), a provider of business-to-Web and wireless technologies, has announced the general availability of Total-e-Server Release 7.2, the latest version of its J2EE-based, 100% Pure Java Application Server and the heart of Bluestone's comprehensive, standards-based Total-e-Business platform.

"Organizations involved in e-business are demonstrating an insatiable demand for faster, more reliable, and more accessible e-business solutions," says Andre Pino, senior vice president of marketing for Bluestone Software. "Total-e-Server stretches the technology envelope to meet those e-business demands, allowing our customers to focus on business, rather than technology challenges. As a result, we've delivered world-class, standards-based facilities for expediting B2B messaging, ensuring the completion of mission-critical transactions, and communicating with an increasingly wireless world."

Bluestone's Total-e-Server Release 7.2 is based entirely on the latest version of Sun Microsystems' J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) specification and powered by XML (eXtensible Markup Language). The new version of Total-e-Server supports message-driven beans, enabling e-business solutions to accelerate B2B and other application-to-application communications. Support for the J2EE-mandated Java Transaction Service lets Total-e-Server guarantee end-to-end transactions that involve multiple, distributed databases. New mobile components of Total-e-Server benefit both wired and wireless clients, while productivity enhancements reduce coding and delivery times.

Bluestone's Total-e-Server Release 7.2 is available immediately with pricing starting at $30,000.

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