Nexgen Announces 24x7 Global Help Desk

Fredrik Johnsen

Nexgen Software (Naperville, Ill.), a provider of implementation and custom modification services to BPCS and CA-PRMS users, has a new help desk offering, the Global Help Desk. The solution is intended for multinationals that rely on the BPCS ERP system from SSA Global Technologies (Chicago) to run their manufacturing and financials on the IBM AS/400.

Nexgen and its French strategic partner, AGI, a member of Groupe IBS Europe, also announced the formation of the Collaborative Enterprise Alliance (CEA), which is the background for the new help desk offering. Between them, Nexgen and AGI marshal the forces of over 200 BPCS consultants around the world.

"Our new Global Help Desk offering allows multinationals to sign a single contract with Nexgen or one of its partners that make up the CEA for all of its divisions and subsidiaries worldwide, no matter which version of BPCS they are on," says Rick Halsten, president and general manger of Nexgen Software Technologies. "This extension of our current help desk offerings draws on the expertise of the combined resources of our CEA partners.”

Nexgen also develops and markets an automated Euro conversion tool for BPCS, NexgenEuro, as well as NexgenCommerce for BPCS and for PRMS.

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