B.O.S. Announces New Version of Jadvantage Software

Fredrik Johnsen

B.O.S. Better On-Line Solutions (Teradyon, Israel), a developer, producer and marketer of solutions for IBM mid-range-to-PC and LAN connectivity, including Internet/intranet, emulation gateways, and GUI, as well as printing solutions that are operating-system independent, has released a new version of its Jadvantage software, providing users with TN5250e emulation and GUI support.

“Jadvantage represents the future of AS/400 emulation,” says Ed Cover, director of sales for B.O.S. North America. “The new import utility and the additional features in version 3.20 were incorporated into Jadvantage in response to the AS/400 market’s desire to cut costs of ownership by streamlining administrative processes – which has been the Jadvantage credo from the ‘get-go.' Jadvantage remains the most comprehensive Web to host emulator available.”

The new version features an import utility for AS/400 users’ names, as well as improvements in the user interface and administrative functions such as login to Jadvantage server via the host’s sign-on services, JDTF profile list management and transfer, and integration of the MorphMaster GUI configuration into the display session window.

AS/400 Users’ Names Import is a new tool that was added to import AS/400 system user names into the Jadvantage system configuration, eliminating the need for system administrators to key in the information to both systems. A new default user profile is created for each imported user with the “Check password via host” option selected.

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