Ironside And MaterialNet Partner for Supplier Integration

Fredrik Johnsen

Ironside Technologies Inc. (Pleasanton, Calif.), a supplier of sell-side business-to-business electronic commerce solutions for the manufacturing and distribution markets, and MaterialNet (Lake Success, N.Y.), a provider of e-procurement solutions for raw materials purchasing, have announced a co-marketing partnership for tightly integrating suppliers into MaterialNet's proprietary platform.

"MaterialNet's customers, both our buyers and suppliers, will benefit greatly from the MaterialNet/Ironside partnership," says Joseph Pecoraro, senior vice president of business development at MaterialNet. "Ironside's enterprise integration capabilities will provide significant new efficiencies by tightly linking MaterialNet with our suppliers' enterprise business systems."

Under the terms of the relationship, MaterialNet and Ironside are expected to jointly develop integration adapters for connecting suppliers to MaterialNet's customized e-procurement tools. will also promote the Ironside Network to its community of 700-plus metals suppliers as the recommended standard for integration. Likewise, Ironside will market MaterialNet and its e-procurement solutions to Ironside’s own supplier community.

"We expect this partnership to drive important strategic benefits for both Ironside and MaterialNet," says Rod Foster, vice president, Ironside Network. "As a premier provider of customized raw material e-procurement solutions, MaterialNet will be extremely influential in promoting supplier adoption of the Ironside Network across this market segment. We also expect this partnership to strongly benefit the MaterialNet buyer community, providing access to real-time supplier information through the Ironside Network."

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