The Kernel Group Unveils Enhanced Bare Metal Restore Product

The Kernel Group has unveiled an enhanced version of its data recovery solution, Bare Metal Restore, that expands the software1s multi-platform support capabilities to HP-UX, Sun Solaris and Windows NT systems. The company plans to further expand its support to the Windows 2000 Professional operating system by year1s end.

First launched in May on the AIX platform, Bare Metal Restore is designed to restore a machine that has been downed after disaster strikes, extending current Enterprise Storage Management solutions. Recovering the operating system, configurations, all applications and data, BMR provides companies a fully-automated tool that ensures mission-critical applications are usable within hours rather than days.

"In the frenetic pace of e-business, companies cannot afford to be left unprotected from unexpected crises, such as power outages, natural or man-made disasters or software or technology failures," says Sol Suberi, Chairman and CEO of TKG. "Every passing minute that a company1s mission-critical applications remain offline will cost that company in more than dollars and cents. A company's reputation is at stake and it needs to be carefully safeguarded. That's the very reason BMR exists."

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