AquiTec Acquires Uniteq

Fredrik Johnsen

AquiTec Inc. (Chicago), a provider of e-commerce supply chain software solutions, has acquired Unitec Applications Systems (Chicago), formerly Worldwide Chain Store Systems. Operations will continue under the AquiTec name.

"Uniteq has provided effective supply chain solutions to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries for years. The ability to leverage current and new business models with solutions based upon new technology will allow our customers to experience additional profits without sacrificing operations" says Rik Schrader, vice president of Business and Product Development for the new organization. "AquiTec will grow the business based upon a stable operating model, which focuses on the needs of the customer base and the marketplace. AquiTec customers are looking for ecommerce solutions that will nourish their current operational environments but still allow them to gain benefit from newer business models. AquiTec will continue to provide solutions that customers can rely upon for mission critical activities without relinquishing future profits or creating undue risk."

"We'll be providing customers with systems solutions for multiple operating platforms, including AS/400, S/390 and Unix. AquiTec's Web-based solutions will maximize user productivity while ensuring optimal organizational performance,” says Frank Arico, CEO of the new organization. ”Our facilities in Chicago and the United Kingdom will enable us to respond to our customers' needs from multiple locations.”

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