Original Software Extends AS/400 Product Line with Extractor400

Fredrik Johnsen

Original Software Group (Basingstoke, England), a provider of software testing solutions to the AS/400 market, has launched Extractor400, a module enabling the simple reduction of databases to create perfect “live” database subsets.

“Extracting data manually is time-consuming and tedious to repeat, and it is extremely difficult to ensure the referential integrity of the data,” says Colin Armitage, president of Original Software. “Extractor400 has impacted this process not only by enabling the extraction of data with assured referential integrity, but also by making it very easy to refresh the data whenever necessary; users can work with data which is as near live as possible. Corporate data is a complex, ever-growing resource that only becomes an asset if it can be managed cleanly.”

Extractor400 enables the creation of database subsets for specific project needs, simplifying the process of extracting and creating data subsets from the live databases, reducing data to manageable volumes and rendering AS/400 data maintenance simple and efficient. Data subsets are used extensively for a range of applications, especially software testing or IT training, but also for archiving, management information and development. Such a subset has to be an exact structural replica of the live database to be of any use.

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