Time Warner Cable Solves Billing Problems Through Sirius

Fredrik Johnsen

After Time Warner Cable encountered a billing problem associated with system downtime, the company contacted Sirius Computer Solutions (San Antonio) to diagnose the problem. Sirius conducted a performance analysis and advised Time Warner Cable of what solution package was needed, along with the associated implementation and training.

"Our relationship with Sirius Computer Solutions has been extremely beneficial. We went from a single processor AS/400 model 530 to a 730 dual processor while implementing MIMIX high availability and disaster recovery software from Lakeview Technology to replicate critical data to a second AS/400,” says Gina Martinez, IS Operations Manager for Time Warner Cable. “The larger AS/400 system resulted in dramatically decreased response time versus the original system and MIMIX gave us 100 percent failover capability to prevent future outages."

The new AS/400 system installed by Sirius has increased memory by 600% and the disk capacity by over 300%. "The additional disk, processor and memory was added to diversify the workload. Instead of running all of our applications on one single processor, our environment is now spread out over two processors via LPAR using MIMIX from Lakeview Technology," says Martinez.

The backup of the new billing software system will save the company a tremendous amount of money once a problem is detected. "It is critical that we are up 24x7x365. When a Time Warner Cable customer calls, our goal is to answer that call within 90 seconds," says Martinez. "With this installation, our service levels have already improved by nearly 50%."

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