From the Publisher: The New Enterprise Systems

The New Enterprise Systems

This December issue of Enterprise Systems Journal is destined to become a collector’s item. In January, Enterprise Systems Journal will get a new look, a new logo and a new mission. The new logo and masthead will emphasize the word "Enterprise" with bold type treatment. This text treatment of the word is reflective of our publication’s editorial emphasis on the enterprise, as we cover the e-business IT revolution. Our new tagline, "The Journal of e-Center Integration and Management," puts an exclamation point on our coverage of the enterprise and e-business issues.

Why the new look? Enterprise Systems Journal (ESJ) has been at the forefront of chronicling the transformation of the enterprise – from its exclusive mainframe focus to the open systems and heterogeneous server environments that define the enterprise today. Editorially, our publication has kept pace with the ever-evolving enterprise. However, graphically the publication looked much the same as it did when it launched in the 1980s as Mainframe Journal. We felt that a new look was needed to reflect and draw attention to the transformation that had already occurred on our pages. The new design was created by our expert design team under the direction of Charlie Simpson, Editorial Director of Enterprise Systems.

In addition to a new look, you will see a greater emphasis on e-business and enterprise integration issues throughout Enterprise Systems. This month’s issue exemplifies the coverage that will be given to e-business and integration issues. Suketu Pandya’s "VPNs for Everyone," (page 36), deals directly with two critical e-business issues – security and reliability.

Midrange Systems Demographic Edition Debuts This Issue

25,000 of Enterprise Systems’ subscribers will find a new section in the publication titled, Midrange Systems. This new supplement will be focused 100 percent on midrange computing issues and the IBM iSeries (AS/400) platform. Until recently, Midrange Systems had been a stand-alone publication serving the AS/400 user base. In recent years, we found that ESJ and Midrange Systems were covering many of the same issues as the proprietary aspects of the AS/400 and the mainframe diminished. Midrange Systems’ subscribers will benefit from ESJ’s broader enterprise focus, while at the same time the Midrange Systems Demographic Edition will provide iSeries-focused editorial. ESJ subscribers with AS/400s, along with former subscribers to Midrange Systems, will receive the supplement.

Enterprise Systems: Partner to Intermedia Group’s E-Business Conference

In recognition of Enterprise Systems’ coverage of the e-business revolution, Intermedia Group has selected our publication to be the exclusive media sponsor of the upcoming E-Business Integration Conference. The conference will be held in The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, December 11-12. The conference program was specifically designed to meet the needs of IT managers whose responsibilities include integrating mainframe, midrange and client/server applications with the Web. Enterprise Systems’ focus on integration of the enterprise and e-business solutions places it above all other publications when it comes to proving e-business insights for the enterprise, and we are honored to have been chosen.

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