Transentric Acquires Logistics Order Tracking Systems

Fredrik Johnsen

Transentric (St. Louis), a supply-chain management company, has acquired a new Logistics Order Tracking System (LOTS) from Timera (Boulder, Colo.), a provider of enterprise workforce management solutions. LOTS is a software system that automates the intermodal movement process.

"The addition of LOTS will improve and enhance Transentric's supply chain visibility in all industries," says George Gagen, executive vice president of Transentric. "This system will run a comprehensive series of integrated functions including rating, order taking and account process."

The main product in this line is the LOTS Software, which is designed to run on an AS/400 system. The LOTS profiles capture pertinent information about customers, shippers, receivers, drayage firms, locations, salespeople, rates, ramp facilities and specific equipment. This information is used to validate and create necessary data critical to the total intermodal movement. LOTS can create quotes, provide order entry, tracking, tracing, exception reports, accounting, reconciliation, equipment management, equipment status and customer reports.

With 13 years of profitability and revenue growth, Transentric is building on its development of carrier software products and shipment management solutions to expand its customer base into the e-commerce arena.

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