40 Percent of International Developers Plan Wireless Apps in 2001

The most recent volume of Evans Data Corporation's continuing International Developer Survey series, a comprehensive study of over 400 developers surveyed in October 2000, finds that over 40 percent of developers expect to develop applications for wireless devices in the next year.

Results show that 14.1 percent of developers will "Absolutely" develop, and another 26.6 percent said they will "Probably" develop apps for wireless devices. Of those developers who said they will "Absolutely" write apps for wireless, 35.3 percent are in Asia-Pacific, 33.3 percent in Europe, 19.6 percent in Latin America, and 11.8 percent in Middle East-Africa.

Of those developers in Asia-Pacific, 46.9 percent plan to write wireless apps. Of those in Europe, one-third of developers will be writing wireless apps. Of those surveyed in the Middle East-Africa, 39.4 percent plan to write wireless apps. In Latin America, over half of developers plan to write wireless apps next year.

The North American Developer Survey results show that 37.7 percent of developers plan to develop apps for wireless in the next year.

The International Developer Survey is the sister survey to the North American Developer Survey, both conducted twice a year. The two have the same questionnaire but the International survey is conducted via e-mail with over 400 developers in over 70 countries outside of North America. This allows clients with a worldwide presence to spot deltas between the market segments. Each International survey is cross-tabulated by four regions - Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin/South America, and Middle East/Africa.

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