Telia Consolidates ISP Activities with IBM

IBM and Telia are installing a combination of IBM mainframe and Shark storage technologies, both running on Linux, to host and run Telia’s business and consumer Internet services operations across Scandanavia. Using this technology, Telia will also offer customers in the Nordic countries IP-VPN (Internet Protocol/Virtual Private Network) services.

Telia will replace its 70 existing Web-hosting UNIX servers with a single IBM S/390 G6 enterprise server, which will host more than 1,500 virtual Internet Linux servers simultaneously. Each virtual server acts as a Web server for individual Telia-hosted business customers. Telia will also move data from its current storage servers to a 11.4 Terabyte IBM Enterprise Storage Server ("Shark"). All of the virtual Internet servers will be managed by Telia's business customers independently as if they were using their own separate physical machines.

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