So Many Formats, So Little Time: SoftQuad Buys Converter

SoftQuad Software -- a high-flying neweconomy player and one of the original creators of the XML standard -- isbeefing up its XML document-creation capabilities to increase its visibility inthe large corporate market. Many large companies are grappling with thechallenge of converting pedabytes worth of data residing in multiple formatssuch as Word and PDF to XML, and then be able to search and retrieve thosedocuments.

The company recently announced plans toacquire Advanced Data Engineering (ADEI), provider of any-format-to-XML contenttransformation software. This announcement came on the heels of an agreementwith IxiaSoft to integrate SoftQuad's XMetaL into IxiaSoft 's TEXTML Server,which manages and serves XML documents.

SoftQuad recently confirmed that itshipped XMetaL, an XML content authoring solution, to its 2,000th customer.This positions SoftQuad as a leading vendor in the XML content arena.

The acquisition of ADEI brings SoftQuadtechnology for converting large volumes of existing data from multiple formatsinto XML. ADEI's XML-it Document Markup System is already part of SoftQuad'scontent services offering. "The effective creation of XML content and thetransformation of legacy documents into structured content are key requirementsfor e-business," says Roberto Drassinower, CEO of SoftQuad. Drassinoweradds that this added capability will enable SoftQuad to pursue partnerships withlarge systems integrators that sell into large corporate environments.

Integration with TEXTML Server providesXMetaL end users a means to search and retrieve XML documents. XMetaL andTEXTML can be integrated with a set of macros that are available at no cost atIxiaSoft 's Web site. The macros are based on open source coding, allowingdevelopers to easily modify the macros to accommodate the specific needs oftheir applications.


SoftQuad Software Ltd., Toronto,

Advanced Data Engineering Inc., Petaluma, Calif.,

IxiaSoft, Outremont, Quebec,

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