Unisys Posts New Benchmarks

Unisysposted new benchmarks for its four- and eight-processor Profusion-based serversand 32-processor CMP servers.

The companypublished results for two standard benchmarks from the Transaction PerformanceProcessing Council (TPC) using its Unisys e-Action Enterprise Server ES5085 andissued a release about a proprietary scalability test for its ES7000 CMPsystem.

For theTPC-C benchmark, Unisys loaded an ES5085 with eight 700-MHz Pentium III Xeonprocessors. Running Windows 2000 Datacenter Server and SQL Server 2000, thesystem processed 61,390.43 transactions per minute (tpmC) at a cost pertransaction of $13.

The tpmCperformance represents a 7 percent jump over the previous best in the category,set by Dell. The cost per transaction is the lowest yet in the eight-processorsystem category.

Unisys usedan ES5085 loaded with four processors for a newly published benchmark on theTPC’s TPC-W test for simulating online retail, browsing, andbusiness-to-business activity. The Unisys system running Windows 2000 AdvancedServer and SQL Server 2000 delivered 3,008.1 Web interactions per second (WIPS)at a cost per WIPS of $75.29.

Unisys alsoannounced a unique benchmark for its ES7000 system, which is built on Unisys’CMP architecture. The CMP server is a new entry to the Intel architecture arenathat scales up to 32 processors.

Unisys useda 32-processor ES7000 running Windows 2000 Datacenter Server and the SyneraIntelligent Exploration suite. The system searched 1.4 billion individualrecords in one-tenth of a second, according to the Unisys release. Thedemonstration is supposed to recreate a scenario in a commercial point-of-saleenvironment.

Unisys hasalso discussed results of a previous test of the ES7000 against an airlinereservation system, but has not yet published results on the system of the closelywatched TPC-C benchmark.


UnisysCorp., Blue Bell, Pa., www.unisys.com

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