The Man Behind the Curtain for IT Projects Is?

How do companies execute IT projects? According to a recent survey by the Cutter Consortium, the business side of the house initiates slightly more projects on average, both the business and IT have an active role in project initiation. Not surprisingly, managers play a bigger role in project initiation than non-managers.

Once a project is started, running it generally falls to IT, with IT running IT projects for 78 percent of respondents. When it comes to paying for IT, the picture is mixed. Many respondents use more than one method of funding for both IT infrastructure and IT projects. Nearly two-thirds of respondents pay for IT infrastructure (at least partially) through a centralized budget. But 49 percent use chargebacks, which means that some of those with a centralized budget are also using chargebacks. Corporate "taxation" is used less frequently -- eight percent of respondents. Another eight percent of respondents use other methods of funding IT infrastructure.

When it comes to paying for specific projects, centralized IT budgets play a bigger role. At least some project-level funding comes from a centralized IT budget for 73 percent of respondents. Chargebacks are used by 43 percent, and, interestingly, a corporate tax is used by more than one-third of respondents to fund IT projects.

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