New Products for the Enterprise

AlphaWorks' Voice XML

Voice XML provides a technology-neutral language that delivers speech applications to the Web. IBM alphaWorks now offers a free download of IBM's Voice XML Software Development Kit. This includes a beta version of the voice browser, including the ViaVoice runtime engines for speech recognition, text-to-speech, and other services. The primary top-level elements that make up a Voice XML document are the dialog elements, form and menu. Other top-level elements are used to define things like meta tags, variables and scripts. For more information, visit

LTO-Ultrium Tape Libraries

Plasmon has begun shipping the first in its new line of LTO-Ultrium tape libraries. The first of Plasmon's LTO-Ultrium tape automation products to ship will be a 10-cartridge autoloader model. The single-drive Autoloader is designed as a flexible data backup solution with options for barcode and remote diagnostics. It has a native capacity of 100 GB per cartridge and data transfer rates of 15 MB/second. For more information, visit their Web site at

BMC Adds Online/Defrag

BMC Software Inc. now offers three new versions of its IMS products: MAXM Reorg for IMS 1.1.02, MAXM Reorg/EP for IMS 1.1.02 and MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS 1.1.02. All the new product versions now include Online/Defrag for IMS, a feature that enables 24x365 availability for IMS full-function databases. For more information, visit

IKOS' Locator Software

IKOS Inc.'s Locator warehouse management software is designed to allow access to realtime plant floor information and methods in which to carry out and maintain inventory within the warehouse. Locator uses logical rules that are implemented based on the user's current business practices to enable accurate inventory control from the time of conception to customer receipt. For more information, visit

Macro 4's Retriever

Macro 4's Retriever solution creates a fast access, online repository of shipping documents and invoices. Documents are prepared, scanned and indexed by the company and the scanned images are transferred nightly to a Windows NT server running Retriever. Customer invoices are also indexed and transferred electronically to Retriever. Documents can then be retrieved from the system at any time. For more information, visit

Project Reporter 2.0

CoGenTex Inc.'s Project Reporter automatically generates Web-based project status reports, using data from Microsoft Project or other compatible project management software. With version 2.0, users can customize report text paragraph-by-paragraph, different report views can be set up for different users, and fonts and colors can be customized. Price ranges from $10 to $50 per client. For more information, visit their Web site at

ProActive DBA 5.0

White Sands Technology Inc.'s ProActive DBA 5.0 is a space management system designed to help database administrators (DBAs) with maintenance, tuning and problem solving of databases. New to release 5.0 are enhanced database maintenance and disaster recovery capabilities designed to increase availability and reduce system downtime. New reports that forecast future maintenance schedules and tasks, capacity planning reports and a disaster recovery/data verification option have also been added. Pricing begins at $1,495 per database system. For more information, visit their Web site at

Transidiom Software Integration

SEAGULL's Transidiom software technology integrates e-business applications with mainframe and IBM eServer iSeries 400 (formerly AS/400). The Transidiom Developer includes a Connector Builder tool used by host application experts to access, identify and record host application navigation comprising specific business processes, and an Interface Definition tool used by e-business application developers to define the programming interface and publish XML schema, JavaBeans or COM objects. The Transidiom Server includes an application integration server that processes incoming XML, Java or COM requests for host-application services, invokes and operates the host application, and returns the output in XML, COM or Java. Transidiom Server also includes gateways that connect to the host applications. The entire development process is "point-and-click." The Transidiom Developer is priced at $10,000 per seat and the Transidiom Server is priced based on the server environment and begins at $40,000. For more information, visit

ADE Pro Intranet 3.3

Adesoft's ADE Pro Intranet 3.3 guides users into entering all personnel and physical resources and events that must be scheduled, then automatically elaborates all schedules simultaneously. Once created, the schedules can be accessed on the intranet and also with any Web browser. It has three-tier client-server architecture, 100 percent Java, consisting of an application server, a client and a RDBMS. Communication between the client and the application server uses the RMI standard protocol. ADE Pro Intranet 3.3 is available for $18,500, which includes one server and five client licenses. For more information, visit their Web site at

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