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ADSL Router

Infinilink Corporation i500 Multi-Mode ADSL Router Approved in Europe and Asia Pacific

Infinilink Corporation's i500 Ethernet ADSL router is available for use in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Compliant with all current industry standards, and already qualified for use in North America and Asia, the i500 supports connections at up to 8Mbps with telcos and service providers using G.lite/G.dmt (1.5Mbps) standards.

The i500 operates with Infinilink's dsl-ON auto-installation and configuration software, and features an embedded processor responsible for implementing all ATM and protocol encapsulation software functions. The software is currently deployed worldwide, and is available to ISPs, LECs, DSLAM manufacturers and computer OEMs.

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World's First Fabric Keyboard Makes Cannes Debut

The world's first fabric keyboard, designed for use with devices, such as palmtops, organizers and mobile phones, has been unveiled at the IT Expo in Cannes, France.

The Elektex keyboard, developed by the British company ElectroTextiles, can be folded, scrunched and washed, without losing functionality and enhances the flexibility and functionality of handheld devices, improving rapid input of text and simplifying device operation.

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Psion Teklogix Optimizes RF Traffic for SAP Console

Psion Teklogix, a global provider of wireless and Internet-based mobile data transaction systems and services, announces the immediate availability of TEKConsole for customers of SAP solutions. TEKConsole is a high-performance radio-frequency (RF) communications engine that allows SAP customers to make use of Psion Teklogix network administration features and improve the mobile computing efficiency of SAP Console. A key component of the SAP Logistics Execution System, SAP Console eliminates the use of third-party middleware and provides functionality directly to RF terminal users. For more information, visit

Invensys' Powerware Cellwatch

Invensys' Powerware Cellwatch is a battery monitoring system designed specifically for three phase uninterruptible power systems (UPS). The modular system continuously monitors the entire battery system, including string and cell level voltage, internal resistance and current and temperature throughout the charge, discharge and float periods. The product also provides immediate warnings of a deterioration and imminent battery failure, identifies any individual battery that exhibits problems and reduces the possibility of damage to the entire battery string. In addition, it helps to avoid premature and unnecessary battery replacement.

Cellwatch also offers historical trending by recording a minimum of 120 days of activity, allowing customers to analyze individual battery and string performance, and allows expansion for monitoring of up to 30,000 cells.

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CSE HTML Validator Version 4.50

AI Internet Solutions' Version 4.50 of CSE HTML Validator Professional is the development software for the creation of syntactically correct HTML documents. Among the new features in the new version are: an integrated Web browser; an upgraded Batch Wizard for checking the links of an entire site given a single URL; an improved interface with an integrated editor for quickly editing and fixing any document problems; and automatic link checking anytime a document is validated. For more information, visit their Web site at

Project Reporter Version 2.0

CoGenTex's Project Reporter Version 2.0 automatically generates Web-based project status reports, using data from Microsoft Project or other compatible project management software facilitating sharing project information with team members and project stakeholders in an accessible format and without requiring special-purpose software. Version 2.0 runs on all versions of Windows, Macintosh OS and UNIX and supports most of the popular Web servers. The update allows textual components of reports to be customized and tabular presentations can include any project management software. For more information, visit their Web site at

Journyx Timesheet 4.0

Journyx Timesheet 4.0 enables data entry and access via Internet browsers, telephones, PDAs, wireless Web cell phone applications and services and bar code data collection and badge readers for non-exempt employees allowing realtime entry and access to information, as well as generate invoices based on realtime.

New payroll and project management support features allow multiple pay rates for any individual, customized pay periods, fully auditable prior period corrections, inter-project data exchange, customizable project tracking and, and the use of user-definable business rules to manage specific classifications of work for payroll and billing purposes. For more information, visit

MultiView Catalyst Version 6.0

MultiView Group's MultiView Catalyst version 6.0 is Web-to-host connectivity software that gives customers point-and-click Web access to their legacy UNIX applications. New features to MultiView Catalyst version 6.0 include complete printing support, end-to-end security, a Web page design wizard and enhanced monitoring and session connectivity. Other features include: a session resume capability, flexible enterprise licensing and improved smart cursor mouse navigation for better integration with the UNIX environment. For more information, call (800) 572-8649, or visit their Web site at

New PJL Compatibility for the OTC6500

Output Technology announces new PJL compatibility with its OTC6500 continuous form, electron beam printer. The OTC6500 is a 65 page-per-minute, continuous form printer that incorporates electron beam imaging with warm offset transfer and fusing technologies. The product offers one million pages-per-month duty cycle and a cost to print of approximately a penny per page.

Output Technology is a Spokane, Washington, based printer manufacturer and is a provider of laser and impact printing technology for high-speed, high-volume applications. For more information, call (800) 468-8788, or visit their Web site at

Alert Me First Inc.'s Internet Monitoring Service

Alert Me First Inc.'s non-stop Internet monitoring service is a Web-based b-to-b service that monitors Web sites, e-mail services and other Internet devices. It then sends out e-mail and/or pager alerts the instant a problem is detected, allowing IT professionals to minimize downtime and the negative affects it has on your company. Online performance statistics show how Internet devices are responding and offer ways to measure availability and performance. Response thresholds can also act as an early warning system for denial of service attacks, virus driven e-mail server overloads and Internet service/bandwidth congestion or service degradation.

Alert Me First is available for a free 14-day trial, then, for $5.95 per month, plus a one-time activation fee of $19.95. For more information, visit

Atipa's File Server and File Server Plus

Atipa Corporation's new File Server and File Server Plus are entry-level and midrange file servers that can be integrated into Linux, Windows or UNIX platforms. File Server and File Server Plus feature a pre-installed, internal tape backup system powered by BRU. File Server is an entry-level server with built-in floppy, CD and tape drives designed for small-to-medium-sized companies with up to 100 users sharing files and smaller databases. File Server Plus is designed for larger companies with over 100 users, or for companies that share graphics files over 500 MB. For more information, call (800) 360-4346, or visit

RFS E-Business Internet Accounting Software

RFS E-Business, the Web-enabled sister of Skylight Systems' flagship product, Relational Financial Systems (RFS), provides complete control over business operations. RFS E-Business is an integrated business system that handles the flow of products, services, and customer information throughout one's business in realtime. RFS E-Business displays the unique pricing for a particular customer, verifies the inventory availability, communicates with warehouses to ensure that the product will be shipped, generates an invoice to the customer, updates Accounts Receivable and automatically orders replacement inventory when necessary. RFS E-Business extends to multiple locations, remote salespeople, customers and to accountants, who can oversee the books and make journal entries from their own offices. For more information, contact Skylight Systems, Inc., (215) 576-1001, or via e-mail at

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