IBM's Online Support Helps You Help Yourself

IBM Personal Systems Group (PSG) will add an automated service infrastructure to its online customer support. This "self healing" technology is designed to reduce the time users spend trying to solve their computer problems by enabling self service or enhanced assisted service.

IBM will package enhanced e-support solutions on IBM ThinkPad notebooks, NetVista desktops, IntelliStation professional workstations and eServer xSeries computers using technology licensed from Inc. This self-healing support can independently identify and correct systems problems by automatically performing diagnostics to their existing software configuration and applications, enabling them to have better support, higher availability and productivity. technologies add to IBM's existing Web-based support, which managed over 170 million customer interactions in 2000 -- directing customers to drivers, system upgrades, performance tools and other information relevant to their PCs, and guiding them through steps to perform self-service problem diagnosis and repair.

"Traditional on-site service -- though important -- is no longer good enough for our customers. Speed is critical and we're delivering it through new technologies like Web-based support," says David Hume, PSG Director of Services Development. "We've enhanced our infrastructure to support a variety of products, technologies, and customers. We're building on our expertise with large customers who demand timely support and service and see the relationship with as a strong enterprise services solution that can work also work well for individuals and small businesses alike."

Additionally, this support can be linked with corporate support networks delivered by in-house IT departments, outsourced solution providers and IBM Global Services, giving businesses the ability to standardize products, services, and support with one company for all their computing needs.

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