Catalyst Systems Goes to School

Last week, Catalyst Systems Corporation announced the Student Support Program. Under this program students actively enrolled at any college or university are eligible to receive a free limited license for Catalyst Systems software products.

The program is designed to help meet marketplace demand for experienced software developers -- workers as knowledgeable about the business process, as they are about programming techniques.

Any actively enrolled programming student is eligible for the program. To qualify for this program participants must fill out a form on the Web page at and then either fax or mail a photocopy of their current student ID or class schedule to Catalyst Systems Corporation, Student Support Program, P.O. Box 556, Glencoe, IL 60022, FAX: 847-835-6109.

Once their enrolment is verified, qualified participants will receive a 1-year a single user license for any of Catalyst Systems current software products including full access to technical support. Licenses may be renewed each year by meeting the same eligibility requirements. Once the student begins his/her career as a professional programmer, the license may also be expanded or converted to a permanent license at a discount rate.

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