Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Chooses IBM

IBM has announced that oil refiner and convenience store chain Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corporation (UDS) has implemented IBM UNIX servers and Shark open disk storage to run its enterprise business applications, including its SAP enterprise resource planning environment. The new IBM systems will replace all of UDS's existing Sun Microsystems servers and storage, making UDS one of the largest enterprises ever to move its SAP environment from Sun to IBM.

Ultramar Diamond Shamrock chose two IBM RS/6000 S80 and eight RS/6000 M80 systems. The company also elected to store their business data on a 5.3 terabyte IBM Shark disk storage system. The complete IBM solution for UDS was designed and implemented by Sirius Computer Solutions of San Antonio.

Two RS/6000 S80 12-way systems and eight M80 4-way servers running AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system, serve as the backbone of an information technology infrastructure that will run some 60 different software applications and databases. The IBM systems are responsible for critical business functions, including enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, human resources, backup/recovery, refinery maintenance, environmental tracking, bar coding, point of sale, credit card reconciliation and product movement.

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