Survey: IT Managers Facing Greater Staffing Challenge

Intellor Group, an independent e-business intelligence and integration knowledge exchange company, recently announced the results from a portion of the e-Business Agility Survey the company conducted at the joint SAP-Microsoft Congress 2001 e-business conference held in Redmond, Washington on January 24-25. The research results represent a current snapshot of where companies are in building their Information Technology (IT) staffing plans for Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile computing and b-to-b marketplaces.

"IT staffing continues to be a major concern of many organizations. Staffing of skilled IT professionals in support of a company’s movement into an e-business environment is creating an even greater challenge for IT managers. The number of new e-business technologies continues to grow on a weekly basis, making it nearly impossible for IT professionals to keep up and develop the depth of experience required," notes Richard Rist, Founder and CEO of Intellor Group Inc.

Overall results show:

  • Skilled staff shortages increase an average of 20 percent with e-business initiatives compared to traditional business initiatives.
  • If an organization did not have a skilled employee, the most popular choice was to train an existing employee. Forty-one percent of the respondents indicated they will train existing employees to fill positions to handle mobile computing in support of e-business.
  • Respondents fell quiet when asked if they would use an ASP to avoid a skill shortage.

The 137 respondents to the e-Business Agility Survey were all attendees of the SAP-Microsoft Congress 2001 and represented over 20 industries. Nineteen percent of the respondents were C-level executives while 45 percent were director-level or higher. Respondents were split 50-50 between companies with revenues above or below $1 billion in revenue.

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