Toyota and EMC Go to the Races

EMC has been named Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s (TMG) exclusive "Official Information Infrastructure Provider," and the two companies have joined forces to revolutionize the way a Formula One organization utilizes information to gain competitive advantage over other teams.

EMC and TMG have entered a three-year sponsorship agreement. Terms include placement of the EMC logo on Toyota’s Formula One car and admission to TMG test sessions and Grand Prix races. EMC also will bring customers to visit the TMG production and research facility and participate in "TMG Driving School," where they will have the opportunity to drive Toyota road cars in a series of controlled driving technique and skid-control activities.

The two companies have already begun work on the information infrastructure. TMG will unveil its car on March 23 and launch an intensive testing regimen throughout the 2001 season. TMG plans to have two cars simultaneously testing throughout 2001 and will begin racing in 2002 using the testing and development data collected.

"Testing is crucial to our team’s success," says Formula One Driver Mika Salo, who will drive one of the test cars. "Each test car will be equipped with over a hundred sensors with the mission of gathering information on every aspect of both the car and driver’s performance. This will make it impossible for a driver like myself to hide. If I do something correct, everyone will see it and learn from it. If I do something wrong, it can be quickly identified and corrected."

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