U.S. Geological Survey Builds Video Archive with Convera

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has selected Convera to supply digital content management solutions for its archive of scientific video.

The USGS will use the Convera Screening Room to capture, archive and manage its collection of video products and b-roll footage, to create an archive of material that can be published to the Internet. The footage, which was captured by USGS researchers, contains significant biological, hydrological and geological occurrences, such as natural disasters. The system will be installed at the USGS' Earth Resources Observation Systems Data Center (EDC), home to the world's largest collection of satellite images and aerial photographs of the Earth's landmasses.

"Sharing USGS video assets with educators, scientists and other interested individuals over the Web gives us an extraordinary new capability for providing the nation with reliable scientific information about the Earth," says Kevin Laurent, Senior Computer Scientist, USGS. "With Convera Screening Room, we will be able to capture, search for and publish video footage to the Web on topics, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, coastal erosion and wildlife disease. This new capacity allows us to more effectively get visual data into the hands of researchers and the media."

Convera Screening Room provides scalable, high-performance access to any video asset (analog or digital) from an ordinary Web browser. With Screening Room, users can automatically capture video; browse visual summaries (called "storyboards"); catalog content using metadata, annotations, closed caption text, and voice sound tracks; search for precise video clips using text and image clues; create rough cuts and "Edit Decision Lists" for further production; and publish those video assets to the Web for streaming.

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