New Products

Dense-Pac’s DSP/MEM

Dense-Pac Microsystem Inc.’s new DSP/MEM device uses 3D assembly to save motherboard space. Features include a Texas Instruments fixed-point digital signal processor, a four MB high-speed Static RAM (SRAM) configuration and a 10MHz timing reference device. DSP/MEM fits in the same 144-pin Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP) footprint, with the SRAM and the timing reference stacked on top of the DSP. For more information, visit their Web site at

Compare for Servers

Princeton Softech’s Compare for Servers is a data comparison tool for server environments that understands complex database relationships. Compare for Servers is designed to streamline the application testing process and aid in verifying and comparing data in two-or-more sets of database tables or types. Compare for Servers is included in Relational Tools for Servers 3.0, a suite of relational data management tools. Also included in Relational Tools for Servers are Move for Servers and Edit for Servers. Relational Tools for Servers supports interoperability across Oracle, DB2 Universal Database, DB2 Universal Database for OS/390, SQL Server, Informix and Sybase databases. For more information, visit

DataMirror Transformation Server Version 4.6

DataMirror Corporation’s Transformation Server Version 4.6 is an enhanced version of its Transformation Server data integration software for iSeries-and AS/400-based organizations. Transformation Server Version 4.6 includes breakthrough features and functionality in the areas of data resiliency and ease-of-use. These new features include alarms and alerts, heartbeat monitoring, auto-discovery and an enhanced version of the product’s graphical user interface. All new feature enhancements will be rolled out across all Transformation Server-supported platforms, including UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and IBM OS/390. For more information, visit

Amdahl’s EnView 3.2

Amdahl Software’s EnView 3.2 software is designed for performance monitoring and application availability to global organizations for the entire business process. EnView 3.2 offers continuous measurement of end user response times through efficient reporting with real-time, custom visual displays, audible alarms, historical reporting and trend analysis. For more information, visit

Candle Command for MQSI

Candle Corporation’s Candle Command Center (CCC) for MQSeries Integrator (MQSI) Version 2 helps to eliminate system downtime and increase productivity for MQSI by tracking message flow within business processes, recording arrival rates, message queue times and entire message flow times. CCC features the CandleNet Portal/Systems Management Edition (SME), a new browser-based user interface. For more information, visit

MAPICS’s Storefront Solution

MAPICS Inc. plans to deliver TeamWeRX Commerce, an Internet-based storefront solution that will include a search engine to facilitate easy product selection, a flexible pricing model to accommodate various pricing configurations, realtime product availability checking and online order tracking. TeamWeRX Commerce enables customers to search their manufacturer’s Web site and online catalog for immediate product information, such as online order status, inventory availability and customer specific pricing. Customers may specify desired shipping options, including automatic calculation of freight charges and tracking number assignments, and specify payment options, including automatic credit card authorizations and payments. Customers can also maintain their personal profile to keep manufacturers up to date on recent changes that may affect their orders. For more information, visit

Lineo Embedix’ Windows Enablement

Lineo Inc.’s Lineo Embedix software development kit (SDK) for Windows enables Windows developers to develop embedded Linux solutions in Windows NT 4.0- or Windows 2000-hosted environments without installing or configuring Linux or creating additional partitions on their systems. Embedix SDK for Windows provides a virtual development environment with realtime response capabilities, X86 and PowerPC processor support and an integrated development environment. Lineo also ships an Embedix SDK for Linux. For more information, contact Lineo at, or

Tamino XML on SuSE

Software AG’s native XML Database, Tamino, now runs on SuSE Linux AG’s Linux Enterprise Server for S/390, enabling IT professionals to use XML for their existing mainframe applications. Tamino XML Database is the core of Software AG’s Tamino XML Platform, a complete XML-based architecture for developing, processing and storing documents in XML format. For more information, visit

PowerTerm Host Publisher

Ericom Software Inc.’s PowerTerm Host Publisher can extract information from a wide range of computing environments and databases, and enables companies to use the latest technologies, such as the Web, wireless devices and XML. It provides host publishing for IBM, UNIX, HP, Tandem and OpenVMS. It, also, allows publishing on the Web, smart phones and wireless devices. For more information, visit

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