12snap Integrates E-Biz with BEA

12snap, one of the first mobile media channels in Europe, is powering its wireless e-commerce system with BEA WebLogic Server. Leveraging BEA’s J2EE technology and integration capabilities, 12snap successfully created and launched its new business in only four months, and already has amassed more than 400,000 subscribers and established a presence in several pan-European markets.

As a mobile media channel, 12snap offers a wide variety of interactive applications, such as shopping, auctions, sweepstakes, and logo and ring tone downloads via the Internet and mobile phones. Using standard cellular phones that support short messaging service (SMS) and cell broadcasting (CBC), 12snap’s customers can simply dial in, receive product information via text messages or integrated voice response (IVR), and place orders via the touch keys on their phones.

12snap’s Built-on-BEA platform integrates complex front and back-end technologies into a user-friendly system. BEA WebLogic Server provides a flexible infrastructure that can support the integration of several communication interfaces and technologies, including cell broadcasting, IVR, SMS, wireless application protocol (WAP), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Wireless Markup Language (WML). As a result, 12snap can interact with its customers and partners through communication interfaces and integrate standard services, such as payment, logistics, billing and invoicing and user identification/authentication.

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