CA Addresses Performance of EJB-Based Applications

Signaling a growing commitment to the Java programming language, Computer Associates has moved into beta its e-business infrastructure management tool. Called Athena, the solution is designed to manage the health and performance of e-business applications based on Enterprise Java Beans.

EJB are challenging because the overall health and performance of applications based on the technology depends on a variety of parameters associated with the various application components and how they interact with each other.

Athena is intended to help IT administrators manage application service levels while decreasing the operational overhead of ensuring performance and availability of EJB components and J2EE-compliant application servers like BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere and Silverstream.

“CA’s Athena enables organizations to effectively monitor not only their J2EE application servers, but also the health and performance of the underlying EJB application business logic, ” said Trevor Kemp, VP of network and Internet management for CA, in a statement.

Key Athena features include:

  • Advanced EJB Performance Management - Tests all business-logic components in real time to ensure application is meeting performance standards and delivering valid information.
  • Complete Application Server Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of availability and performance of J2EE-compliant Web servers.
  • Low Administrative Overhead - Discovers and maps out business logic components and application process flows.
  • To participate in the beta program or receive additional information, please visit (new window).

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