NIPC Warns Against Possible May Day Attacks

The National Infrastructure Protection Center has advised U.S. Web site and mail server administrators be aware of possible cyber attacks from Chinese hackers in early May. According to the advisory, Chinese hackers have publicly threatened to increase their activity during the period of April 30 to May 7. This period includes several dates of significance to the People’s Republic of China: May 1 (May Day), May 4 (Youth Day) and May 7 is the anniversary of the accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

In the weeks following the U.S. spy plane crisis , several attacks on U.S. Web sites have been accredited to Chinese hackers who replace site content with pro-Chinese or anti-U.S. rhetoric. As well, the Internet worm, "Lion," has been tracked back to China. This worm has infected several systems by installing distributed denial of service tools.

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