IBM to Help in the Search for Oil

WesternGeco -- a seismic acquisition, processing and reservoir imaging company -- has selected an IBM Linux supercomputer to power its seismic imaging system.

With the high cost of oil exploration, particularly the drilling effort, companies are turning to sophisticated methods of seismic imaging that allow scientists to create detailed 3-D maps of hidden oil and gas reservoirs before drilling starts.

Headquartered in London, WesternGeco is a joint venture between Schlumberger and Baker Hughes.

xSeries-based Linux clusters are highly scalable from 4 to 1024 processors. The clusters can be managed from a single point of control and can act as either a single machine or a multiple node system.

The cluster at WesternGeco is comprised of 256 xSeries 330 systems, each powered by two 933 MHz Intel Pentium III processors.

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