AMD Announces Multiprocessing Platform

AMD has introduced its first multiprocessing-capable platform for one- and two-way servers and workstations. Based on the AMD Athlon MP processor and the AMD-760 MP chipset, the multiprocessing platform supports Double Data Rate (DDR) memory technology and incorporates AMD's Smart MP technology.

The AMD Athlon MP processor is a seventh-generation x86 processor designed for high- performance multiprocessing servers and workstations. It features Smart MP technology, such as dual point-to-point, high-speed 266MHz system buses with Error Correcting Code (ECC) support designed to provide up to 2.1GB per second per CPU of bus bandwidth in a dual-processor system and optimized Modified Owner Exclusive Shared Invalid (MOESI) cache coherency protocol that manages data and memory traffic in a multiprocessing environment.

The AMD-760 MP chipset is AMD's high performance two-way multiprocessor core logic solution for the AMD Athlon MP processor. It consists of two chips -- the AMD-762 system controller (northbridge), and the AMD-766 peripheral bus controller (southbridge). It supports up to two AMD Athlon MP processors with independent 266MHz front side buses, as well as PC2100 DDR memory and AGP 4x graphics.

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