Surround Upgrades Windows-to-iSeries Development Tool

Surround Technologies, a provider of Windows development for the iSeries, has released the 4.0 version of its Frameworks for Windows. According to Surround, the additions made to the product improves the efficiency of development efforts by 25 percent over previous versions.

Frameworks for Windows, which is part of Surround’s Drill Down Frameworks suite, is designed to allow developers to quickly generate shell systems with a standard Windows user interface without the need for extensive programming. Once the shell system has been developed, business-specific functionality can be added to support particular needs.

The offering is built on Visual Lansa, a popular iSeries development tool produced by Lansa Inc., and comes equipped with a set of programs, files, components, wizards and a framework for design, development and implementation of large scale software applications.

Surround has used the framework to develop both its own products, as well as customized solutions for its customers.

"The Frameworks has come a long way since its inception in '97," said Lee Paul, CEO and senior partner for Surround. "It has proven to be an irreplaceable tool in our development efforts, and has been the deciding factor in the success of our own software such as the Universal FTP Interface System and our Freight Management Systems package."

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