ActivatorDesk’s Public Beta Offers a Different View

Inventor R. Lee Heath has just released the first public beta of ActivatorDesk , a Windows desktop with its very own built-in personal portal system run by an on-board extremely fast, reliable and free SQL database server system. ActivatorDesk may be installed to experience a faster, safer, more secure Windows and Internet. Unlike Windows itself, users may migrate their existing Windows Start button menus and internet Favorites or Bookmarks into a clean programmable desktop portal interface that runs substantially faster, with much enhanced safety and security. This system reads its built-in data and then renders or manufactures its very own Web pages on-the-fly right on the desktop computer. One may have instant access to a comprehensive index or map of the Internet and personal links or information without waiting on that distant portal to finally load up. Macromedia's Flash is included in the install of ActivatorDesk.

ActivatorDesk includes a powerful Internet browser, with on-board Web portal including more than 16,000 popular links, multi-site, tabbed window browsing, advanced meta-searching, privacy enhanced ad-free or popup-free browsing, cookie controls, and many more exclusive features. When adding Favorites, the browser retrieves Web site keywords and descriptions and stores these in the secure database system. Even notes about the Web site may be entered into the description field for later reference.

A unique feature called Smart Links can generate or make links out of any word or phrase in any Web page, which can then be meta-searched for related information on top search engines or over 1,800 news sources. Similarly, text or whole Web pages may be translated using up to 16 language link combinations. The on-board personal portal system may be updated at any time when connected to update servers similar to common antivirus programs. All new Web sites links, keywords for sexual and violence filters, Web pages, and new security settings are updated. Even dead links are deleted in this process. ActivatorDesk may be used as a standalone, advanced Internet desktop with no security features engaged or it may be used with its security system.

ActivatorDesk Administrator program allows for local computer security management but may also be used to remotely manage desktop security on any local network or over the Internet to any Internet-connected PC. The first beta provides basic features for setting up a locked-down, safe Internet desktop and restrictions for safe-sites-only for adults and children, and disabling the Windows Start button and Desktop Icons with the ActivatorDesk Agent and corresponding menu system. The menu system also auto-displays running applications to accelerate program task switching in Windows.

The minimum system requirements for ActivatorDesk include: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000; Pentium Grade 233MHz PC; 64MB Ram; 28MB HDSpace; and installation of free MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher with Windows Desktop Update and Interbase 6. To download the beta version of ActivatorDesk, visit