IBM, Sector7 Respond to Compaq’s Move From Alpha to Intel

In light of Compaq’s decision to end its association with the Alpha architecture in favor of Intel Itanium-based systems, migration specialist Sector7 has expanded its IBM portfolio to offer Compaq VAX/Alpha OpenVMS and Tru64users a free re-hosting assessment to IBM pSeries systems.

The offer, which is being tendered jointly by Sector7 and IBM, is available immediately and is in response to increased interest in migrations since Compaq announced its plans to move to Intel.

"We had a great deal of interest back in September of 1999 when Compaq announced it would discontinue support for the Alpha/NT platform but nothing like we are seeing now,” said Jon Power, president and CEO of Sector7, in a statement. “That was just the end of a specific operating environment, this is the end of the architecture and it is clear to me that decision makers are reconsidering their loyalty to Compaq, and are actively seeking other alternatives."

Compaq plans to consolidate its entire 64-bit family of servers onto Intel by 2004. As a result, Sector 7 is hopeful it will attract a lot of business from Compaq’s Alpha-based customers that want to salvage their investments in applications that run on Alpha.

In migrating Compaq Alpha users to IBM, Sector7 will provide: enterprise application re-platforming; legacy application management; OpenVMS consulting, support and contracting; testing and implementation; application renovation; server consolidation and migration.

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