PGP Security Secures Net Transactions for Patrick Townsend

iSeries e-commerce player Patrick Townsend & Associates has signed an agreement with PGP Security to integrate the PGPsdk into its product line.

PGPsdk is an encryption tool that uses a variety of different formats including ANSI, x12 and XML to secure the transmission of data files. With the tool, Patrick Townsend’s Alliance B2B eCommerce Server and the FTP Manager will now have capabilities for encryption, key management and authentication.

The Alliance B2B eCommerce Server and FTP Manager, which make up Patrick Townsend’s platform for transmitting files over the Internet via FTP and a variety of protocols, prior to the agreement with PGP did not have the ability to encrypt and transmit files between AS/400 and other systems using FTP.

“PGP Security provides the privacy and protection required to enable corporations to develop Internet-based applications and services,” said Jeff Jones, vice president of marketing at PGP Security in a statement. “The PGPsdk is an ideal tool for companies that want to provide strong cryptography within their product offerings.”

The addition of PGP technology will give Patrick Townsend’s AS/400 customers data file encryption and FTP client secure sockets layer encryption. The need to add this technology is a direct response to an increase in the number of AS/400-based systems being used for e-business, according to Patrick Townsend.

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