Vision’s Symbiator Service Release Addresses Formatting Issue

iSeries and AS/400 availability specialist Vision Solutions has released an update to its recently rearchitected data replication tool, Symbiator. The update comes in direct response to demands from customers that data be able to be replicated without losing formatting.

"Our customers wanted to easily move properly formatted data between databases. Data is more valuable for their business that way, and it creates more efficiency within the enterprise," said Chris Schlieter, Symbiator senior product manager in a statement. "This new Symbiator release provides this added benefit, plus several other enhancements."

With the 3.0 release of Symbiator, Vision made substantial modifications to its flagship replication tool. However, it did not equip the offering to hold formatting when replicating from database to database. With service release two, Vision has addressed this problem.

In addition, Vision has added support for transformation procedures such as converting currencies; replicating portions of a field; date calculations and customized date queries; and special capabilities for handling leading and/or trailing spaces during the replication process.

Customer with current Symbiator service contracts can upgrade to SR 2 without paying an additional license fee. And customers already using V3.0 may upgrade to SR 2 at any time. Users who currently have SYMBIATOR V2.7 are advised to contact Vision Solutions' CustomerCare for tips and advice prior to upgrading to this, or any, V3.0 release.

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