Sun Powers Up Starfire Line

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced it has pumped up its Sun Enterprise 10000 system, also known as Starfire. The new features are intended to increase the system's reliability, availability and serviceability.

The Starfire system now includes 466 MHz CPU modules with an 8MB mirrored external cache. The company claims that the new computational engine will provide up to 16 percent performance improvement compared to existing 400 MHz/8MB modules.

Also, all Starfire systems ship with redundant control boards and the maximum power, cooling and A/C input configuration to help ensure N+1 power and cooling.

The Sun Enterprise 10000 server provides up to 64 UltraSPARC processors and 16 Dynamic System Domains. The system hosts more than 12,700 off-the-shelf applications for the Solaris Operating Environment and can be clustered with up to four nodes for increased uptime. According to Sun, the Enterprise 10000 server contains up to 64GB of shared memory and can support more than 60TB of online storage.

The new 466 MHz UltraSPARC II module is also being introduced across Sun's Enterprise 3500-6500 midrange server line. As well, Sun announced a reduction in system board prices by up to 15 percent on its 400 MHz UltraSPARC II-based line of Enterprise servers, including the Sun Enterprise 10000 system. A special module upgrade pricing program has been established by Sun for existing 400 MHz installations.

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