ACOM Adds Features to EZPrint/400

The iSeries Division of ACOM Solutions Inc. has made several enhancements to its flagship EZPrint/400 electronic forms, checks and labels solution. The changes satisfy some of the new requirements vendors and banks are demanding of their business partners.

EZPrint now has the capability to spool two different files during the check merge process and to collate the printed output. The new feature, which is available immediately for $795.00, allows users to eliminate many of the manual activities associated with stuffing checks with accompanying materials such as remittance information overflow, invoices and statements.

"Managers in back offices everywhere are being asked to cut costs and streamline their operations," said Mark Firmin, vice president of sales for ACOM, in a statement. "This is yet another example of how EZPrint/400 supports that mission, by accelerating processes, eliminating costly interim paper-handling, and enabling the reassignment of personnel to tasks that are far more rewarding than stuffing envelopes."

In addition to its new spooling functionality, an auto merge feature has been added to EZPrint/400, enabling the solution to forward the originator’s user ID rather than replace it with those of individuals producing reports from the spool file. This assures files remain easy to find.

Other new features include:

  • the ability to generate Serial Number both as text and barcode when generating labels for such shippers as UPS and others;
  • an option to the Utilities menu for Save/Restore of bank account information that authorizes ACOM Professional Services to implement bank accounts for customers, at a cost of $95 per account;
  • the ability to output a Void flag during Positive Pay generation as well as to insert a value rather than leaving a blank to represent issued checks, simplifying the review process at customer banks;
  • mirror fonts (10 pitch and 12 pitch) for use with cellophane-windowed self-sealing check stock. Printed in reverse, the type appears as a positive image in the window after folding.
  • Customers under maintenance contracts can obtain the latest version of EZPrint/400 by contacting ACOM technical support directly.

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