BMC Goes Grocery Shopping

BMC Software Inc. announced that the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) will use BMC's PATROL and CONTROL-M business integrated scheduling solutions for its enterprise management and job scheduling needs. The implementation will be managed by BMC as well.

The selection is part of A&P's recent $250 million information technology investment and ongoing technical renovations to its corporate headquarters. According to a statement, A&P is moving its applications from a mainframe environment to a client-server distributed environment and doing away with much of its manual processing. The company hopes the changes will improve job scheduling requirements for inventory control and itemizing.

"Our goal is to be proactive, not reactive. We want to stop any potential technology problems before they impact our customers," said Robert Wanninger, manager of A&P's data center. "Our revenue is generated through customers walking our aisles and buying products, if those products are not on the shelves in a timely manner it affects our bottom line. Because the profit margins are so competitive in the grocery industry, it is critical to have our systems highly available."

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