Celestix Intros Domino Appliance

Celestix Networks Inc, a developer of Linux-basedappliance servers now ships an appliance running Lotus Development Corp’sDomino messaging server. The Aries Collaboration Server comes with Domino pre-installed andconfigured.

The appliance is designed as a gateway for small andbranch offices to connect with enterprise Domino servers. In addition toDomino, the Aries Collaboration Server offers firewall, DHCP, and routingfunctionality. It features PCMCIA slots, allowing administrators to add 802.11cards and use it as a wireless base station.

Administrators can configure the server either througha web-based interface or by telnetting into the box. Umar Hameed, vicepresident of sales and marketing at Celestix, says administrators with littleLinux experience can easily administer the machine, a distinct advantage over astandard server. “You can get a generic box to do the same trick, but you needa lot of expertise,” he says.

Hameed also believes that Linux offers the best valuefor customers. In addition to the stability and performance of Linux, he saysthat Windows can not match the $1000 price point of Aries. “An NT server box isgoing to be over four grand a box and licenses and software,” he says.

Contact: Celestix Networks, Inc. http://www.celestix.com/

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Chris McConnell is Product and Technology Editor for Enterprise Systems.