E.piphany & HP Expand Reseller Agreement

At last week’s HP World Conference and Expo in Chicago, E.piphany Inc. announced that it has expanded its existing reseller and integration agreement with HP to include a broad spectrum of vertical markets. The two companies hope to extend their reach into regions including Asia Pacific and Latin America within markets such as Financial Services, Travel & Leisure, E-commerce, Manufacturing and High-Technology.

Several companies have already used an E.piphany/HP solution including Borders, Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg and the U.S. operations of DHL Worldwide Express.

HP and E.piphany are running performance tests of E.piphany E.5 running on HP Superdome and N-class servers. By recreating enterprise environments and pre-testing joint solutions, the companies plan to recommend the software and hardware configurations needed to handle specific customer requirements. Additionally, HP MC/Serviceguard is validated and certified as being compatible with E.piphany E.5, helping ensure high availability and scalability of E.piphany software running on HP hardware.