Linux CoSORT Ships on IBM eServer iSeries

Innovative Routines International (IRI) Inc.’s (The CoSORT Company) has released its flagship Sort/ETL package, CoSORT, for IBM eServer iSeries. CoSORT enables developers and end-users running Linux distributions from SuSE Linux or Turbolinux on IBM eServer iSeries to fully exploit inherent parallel processing, large file I/O, and internet-related data Web-housing capabilities, using its SMP engine and 4GL language, SortCL.

"As the world's first commercial sort developer for Unix, IRI continues its tradition of leading-edge platform support," says IRI Business Development VP David Friedland. "Linux CoSORT on IBM eServer iSeries creates sort-related development opportunities for application programmers and fully scalable sort and join performance in load staging and report generation for data warehouse architects."

SortCL (for sort control language) is CoSORT’s high-level data definition and manipulation program for data warehouse transforms, loads and reports. For eCRM and "data Webhouse" analysis of Web logs and internet traffic, CoSORT features direct collation and grouping of IP address data, metadata conversion for ELF files, support for manual HTML/SGML report encoding, and inner and outer joins.

For more information, visit, or call (800) 333-SORT.