CA Updates Mainframe SRM

Computer AssociatesInternational, Inc. announced yesterday the updated version of  its BrightStor CA-Vantage SRM product formainframes.

The most significant feature in the 6.2 release ofBrightStor CA-Vantage is support for IBM Corp.’sDB2 database server for the OS/390 and z/OS mainframe operating systems.According to CA, it allows storage administrators to manage DB2 data withouthaving in-depth knowledge of DB2.

The 6.2 release also adds an enhanced interface thatallows storage reports to be easily created in spreadsheets such as MicrosoftExcel. In addition, information can be access through email clients like LotusNotes and Microsoft Outlook.

According to the Gartner Group, SRM (Storage ResourceManagement) is a set of utilities for managing and planning storage pools. Itprovides forecasting, volume management, storage policies, and other duties toreflect the business demands on storage.