Tivoli Releases Tools for Managing Software Upgrades

In an effort to help companies keep better track of their companywide software resources and handle the upgrade process with more flexibility, IBM Corp. subsidiary Tivoli Systems Inc. has released several new solutions.

The offerings, called Tivoli Software Distribution, Tivoli Inventory and Tivoli Enterprise Console, are equipped with features that allow administrators to keep track of software on hand and push upgrades at times convenient for users.

While traditional automation tools for upgrading companywide software push upgrades regardless of situation, Tivoli's new distribution tool allows users to choose whether to download an upgrade immediately or later at a more convenient time. For mobile users, this is a nice feature as a software upgrade can tie up a device for lengthy periods of time.

In addition, Tivoli's distribution tool reduces the amount of data that needs to be distributed to install updated versions of software. And it offers the capability to install operating systems on new devices without an OS.

The inventory tool Tivoli has released can provide mobile support for disconnected laptops. And its History Data feature keeps a log of system changes over time.