CA Updates Mainframe Development Tools

With all the hype surrounding Web Services, J2EE, andthe like, it’s easy to forget about developing for the venerable mainframe.Fortunately, Computer Associates International, Inc. still has the mainframe ontheir minds and have updated troubleshooting tools for big iron.

Yesterday, CA released new versions of Advantage CA-Dump Batch and Advantage CA-Optimizer/II.Both tools are designed to detect and identify abend problems inbatch-processed software.

Both products have expanded their troubleshootingfeatures, including the addition of a central repository for abend reports,giving developers the ability to compare current errors with past errors. Inaddition, the products add symbolic information to abend notices, helping getdevelopers on their way when they debug.

CA has also expanded the products’ integration with itsapplications lifecycle solutions. Both Advantage CA-Dump Batch 2.0 andAdvantage CA-Optimizer/II 3.0 now mesh with AllFusion Endevor Change Manager,AllFusion CA-Panvalet, and AllFusion CA-Librarian.