ASPG Debuts Mainframe Performance Tool

Advanced Software Products Group Inc. (ASPG) in mid-October issued a new version 3.0.2 release of its SE Studio mainframe performance-reporting tool.

SE Studio, which doesn't actually provide a native reporting facility of its own, works in tandem with ASPG's mainframe-based Info-Tape and Info-DASD tools to output performance analysis and other reports directly to PC platforms. "You don't need SE Studio to run the other products [Info-Tape and Info-DASD], but if you want to have PC output automatically generated, you're going to need that component," explains Lisa Hamilton, ASPG's vice president of sales.

Instead, SE Studio is able to convert reports—which are uploaded to the PC platform by the company's Info-Tape and Info-DASD products—into the ubiquitous Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. SE Studio also generates its output in conventional comma separated value (CSV) format, which makes it usable in most relational databases.

SE Studio's biggest value-add, Hamilton claims, is its ability to easily export the output from the more than 1,000 canned reports that ship with Info-Tape and Info-DASD to the PC platform. Mainframe administrators can easily create their own reports, or run custom queries against the data generated by SE Studio.