Veritas Buys Tools Vendor

Veritas Software Corp. last week bought a tools vendor that filled a hole inthe Veritas NetBackup product line.

Veritas paid an undisclosed sum for The Kernel GroupInc. (TKG), a private, Texas-based firm that sells Bare Metal Restore.

TKG marketed the tool as filling a backup-and-restorehole in the product lines of both Veritas and Tivoli.

According to a white paper on the former TKG site,administrators needed TKG's tool in addition to NetBackup in "scenarioswhere a complete machine restoration must be performed due to the root volumeor operating system being non-operable."

In a prepared statement, a Veritas official contendedthat TKG's tool is an important component of a disaster recovery solution thatincludes backup and recovery, clustering and replication management.

"Leveraging TKG's leading software products andproven engineering talent, VERITAS Software will further integrate thisadvanced technology with its storage management software to satisfy the rapidlymaturing disaster recovery requirements of our enterprise customers," saidKris Hagerman, senior vice president for Veritas' strategic operations.

TKG also sold AutoTrace, a cross-platform debuggingtool, and a pair of IBM AIX developer debugging tools, ZeroFault and SCTrace.

Veritas NetBackup works on most current versions ofWindows servers and clients, Novell NetWare and about a dozen Unix variants.The TKG software runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000, IBM AIX, HP-UX and SunSolaris. —Scott Bekker