Gartner Gets Grim

A report issued yesterday by research firm Gartner Inc. indicates most enterprises areunprepared for catastrophic attacks or natural disasters. Gartner believesthese companies are ill-prepared for events like the September 11 terroristattacks or disasters such as a tornado.

In November, Gartner surveyed 230 organizationsworldwide to meter their business continuity readiness.

The results are staggering. According to the results,only 13 percent of enterprises are prepared to keep their business running in theevent of major loss of life, and 28 percent have plans for physical attacks onfacilities.

Outside the worst of worst-case scenarios, 38 percent oforganizations have plans to deal with the loss of transportationinfrastructure, and 36 percent have plans for the complete loss of physical assets andworkspace.

The organizations polled score better on other businesscontinuity rubrics. 88 percent have plans in place for dealing with power outages, andthe loss of a single server or application will leave 70 percent of enterprisesunruffled. – Chris McConnell