Wyse Rolls Out Linux Thin Client

Thin-client vendor Wyse TechnologyInc. on Tuesday announced a Linux-based terminal.

Wyse officialsstressed that the move was a response to the recent IBM-Neoware alliance onthin clients, not a strategic shift from Windows-based terminals towardLinux-based ones.

IBM Corp. and thin-client vendor Neoware Systems Inc. disclosed onJan. 8 an alliance in which Neoware would supply appliances to IBM, license IBMtechnology for its next generation of appliances and get service, sales andsupport help from IBM's global organization.

The IBM and Neowareoffering includes Windows and Linux clients. Wyse previously didn't have aLinux client in its current product lineup.

"We are usingthis product to blow a hole in that IBM-Neoware alliance in a big way,"Jeff McNaught, vice president of market strategy for Wyse, says of the Winterm5440XL thin client Wyse unveiled Tuesday.

McNaught says Wysewas able to bring the device to market so quickly after the IBM-Neowareannouncement because it was sitting on a Linux-based terminal from anacquisition. Wyse bought Netier Technologies in late 2000 primarily for itsRapport thin-client management software. However, Wyse has continued to supportNetier's thin clients, including a Linux-based terminal.

The Wyse productwill start at $519. It provides access to server-based Linux, Unix and 32-bitWindows applications. The terminal supports local Java processing, MicrosoftRDP 5, Citrix ICA 6 and locally-resident browsers. The Winterm 5440XL bootslocally. – Scott Bekker