CA Rebrands, Relaunches BI Product

Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) announced it realigned some of its brands, launching a new version of its Business Intelligence portal in the process.

CleverPath, the new name for CA's data extraction and reporting portal, hit its 3.5 release. Among other new features, it offers better support for wireless and handheld devices.

CleverPath aggregates and presents data from a variety of sources into a single point-of-contact for end users. From a Web page, users can access and analyze data from databases and other repositories.

CA also launched affiliated CleverPath products. CleverPath Enterprise Content Manager is a CM system that allows enterprises to manage and serve rich media assets such as audio and video.

CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server cuts raw data to help users understand changing business conditions. It integrates with CleverPath Aion Business Rules Expert, a tool for modeling business rules in BI applications.

Finally, CA updated CleverPath OLAP, CleverPath Reporter and CleverPath Forest and Trees, tools for addressing specific issues in integrating data with the portal.