DataCore Updates SANSymphony

DataCore Software Corp. releases SANSymphony 5.0.

A leader in the emerging storage virtualization space has released a new version of its software to better meet the challenges of storage management. DataCore Software Corp. released SANSymphony 5.0.

SANSymphony allows administrators to pool storage resources into a single unit and create virtual volumes on top. Volumes can be resized to better reflect the needs of an application or make better use of existing resources.

One of the new features in the 5.0 release is the ability to assign better-performing storage systems to mission-critical applications, ensuring data reaches users in time. In addition, it obviates the need to upgrade poorly performing systems to keep mission-critical applications running.

SANSymphony also allocates physical storage in small quantities, regardless of the size of the virtual volume. This ensures large chunks of a disk aren't dedicated to an application that doesn't need the space, and reduces the need for de-fragmenting or repartitioning disks.

DataCore has also added the ability to pool storage on IP networks into the storage infrastructure. The product is targeted primarily at SAN installations, but now enables management of NAS devices.

SANSymphony now offers features for remote replication and mirroring as well.

Also, DataCore has added quality-of-service and billing features to reflect the business needs of storage administrators. With these features, DataCore positions the product as a storage management platform. Administrators can check the reports it generates to see if SLAs are met or use the data for billing back storage space to individual departments within the organization.